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Kind of a Miracle: Table of Contents

CCV Kind of a MiracleIntroduction: The Power of People Who Refused to Give Up
by Emerson Lynn


Part One. Inventing a College: 1969–1979

1. If There Were No Examples, We Had to Create One

2. What Do You Want to Learn?

3. Finding the Money and Claiming a Place

4. Giving Education Back to the Learner

5. Building Credibility and Surviving

6. Voices from the Field

7. A Turbulent End to a Pioneering Time


Part Two. A Lifetime of Learning: 1979–2001

8. We’ve Got to Save This

9. Where Vermonters Go to College

10. To Produce Profound Change

11. What Are We Growing Into?


Part Three. Inventing the Future: 2001Now

12. On a Big Playing Field Now

13. Changing Lives, One at a Time